Arduino Leonardo Micro Full Size USB

I was wondering if anyone has wired one of these USB M connectors directly to the leonardo micro :

I am looking for a way to solder the leonardo directly to the USB M connector without wasting space using a micro usb adapter.

TLDR : are there any pins on the arduino leonardo that can be used as USB RX/TX.


USB Rx/Tx is not correct. USB is a low voltage differential signal, like RS422 or RS485, with clock built into the data stream.

It does not have Rx & Tx like RS232 does.

The Atmega32U4 has a USB interface built in. The USB pins are not made available to a user.

The USB pins on the ATmega32U4 on the Micro are only connected to the USB socket. You’d need to either unsolder the socket or use magnet wire to connect directly to the pins on the microcontroller. Either way it’s not going to end up much smaller (if at all) than the adapter. However, they do sell ATmega32U4 based boards with the USB plug you’re looking for that can be used with the Arduino IDE as a Micro. They are intended to be used as those stupid “USB Rubber Ducky” things but there’s nothing that requires them to be used for nefarious purposes. It’s just a microcontroller on a PCB.

Ok thanks guess ill just make a really short micro usb cable or try to solder to the tiny pins where the micro usb socket would be