Arduino Leonardo not entering bootloader mode (SOLVED)

I have just recently bought an arduino leonardo for a project but i have run into an issue when trying to upload a hex file onto the board. when i first connected the board to my computer the L light began to flash rapidly 5 to 10 times a second. When i hit the reset button on the arduino to enter bootloader mode it flashes the RX light once for about one second then it goes right back to flashing the L light. i am wondering if there are any issues that can be fixed as i am unable to put the file onto my board.

Hitting RESET once just restarts the board.
Hitting it TWICE quickly puts them in bootloader mode.

Which did you do ?

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OMG i am stupid how did i never get that
i was only pressing the button once when i tried it twice it uploaded right away thank you so much i have had this issue for almost a week now trying to find a solution

No worries.
Enjoy your arduino adventures.