Arduino Leonardo not working anymore

My computer sudenly does not detect my Arduino Leonardo anymore. It does not make sound when i plug it in my computer, and i can't find it in "devices" either. However, the arduino is blinking, so it's not totaly dead.

I have tried a couple of wires, 2 computers and all the USB ports, what can i do?

Also, "L" led blinks rapidly all the time.

what did you do before it broke?

I used it as a mouse/keyboard

Press and release the reset button on the board. Does the L led fade in and out?

I think it’s a bad connection. I have tried many power cords, but it must be the socket on the arduino, because when i twist the cord, it sometimes connects.

It’s weird thougth, the “power” LED on the Arduino is always ligth. The L LED is blinking, but twisting a little bit, and it stops, and my computer can se the Arduino.