Arduino Leonardo - Unable to install drivers, unable to change serial ports

I'm a new user of the Arduino Leonardo. My current task is to connect it to Unity and read from it with help from some LittleBits components.

Whenever i plug it in, it will only appear as a device for a few seconds, before dissapearing. In the Device Manager, i can see it occupying several COM ports, but they are all greyed out, as if, they are no longer available.

I can install the drivers, however, it's hard to tell if it actually works. When i enter the Arduino IDE software, i am pretty much unable to do anything, because it's looking for the device in COM1, which is not the right port. However, the function that lets me change the port, is not available, its greyed out.

I have already tried so many things i learned from other forums threads, like installing the drivers in troubleshooting mode, hundreds of reinstalls and so on.

I am on Windows 8.1 Pro N Version and my Arduino version is 1.6.9.
I have tried making the installer handle the drivers, aswell as doing them manually.

Thanks in advance.

It was the damn battery. After changing that, everything works flawelessly.. So far atleast.