Arduino Leonardo USB Issue

I have an Arduino Leonardo.

I was working today with it when at some point I think it malfunctioned.

This is the scenario:

  1. I connect the board through USB to my PC.
  2. Power LED turn on.
  3. L LED blinks while at the same time I'm notified on my PC that something connected at a port. (I hear that specific WIN7 audio when something connects)
  4. In my Device Manager a COM14 appears indicating an Arduino Leonardo.
  5. L LED turns off after 5-6 seconds when at the same time I'm again notified on my PC that something disconnected.
  6. As a consequence, in Device Manager, any port suggesting Arduino is not to be seen.

I can guarantee my USB cable is fine, because I've tested with a Nexus.

Is my board burned? Do I have to buy a new one? The board is quite new,it hasn't been used for more than a couple of times.


Try with an other PC...

Still the same output.

far as i know... this is normal...

After the processor resets, the bootloader starts, remaining active for about 8 seconds.

Check this link: (Automatic (Software) Reset and Bootloader Initiation)

I have tried reburning the bootloader through ArduinoISP, with no success. When I hit the burn button, after a few seconds it displayed it's error at reprogramming. As a programmer, I have used a Duemilanove.