Arduino Leonardo, xbee s2, Wireless Proto Shield, connection issue


I have the following:
Arduino Leonardo
Wireless Proto Shield - (
Xbee Explorer USB - (SparkFun XBee Explorer USB - WRL-11812 - SparkFun Electronics)

I am using os-x (10.6.8) with fusion (windows XP)

I am trying to setup a simple connection between the two xbee radios. I have configured them in a PTP configuration. I have one xbee radio plugged into the Explorer USB connection on windows with X-CTU running. I used X-CTU to update both radio's with the latest version - 22A7. One is configured as Coordinator AP and the other as the Router AP (Same setup from this website - (XBee Series 2 Point to Point Communication – Tutorials of Cytron Technologies)

All the radio updates went fine - no errors. I have verified the addresses are correct in both radios. I uploaded a very simple sketch to the Leonardo --

void setup()

void loop()

This works just fine on the Leonardo and prints out to the serial port. Now the issue - in the terminal tab (X-CTU) I don't get anything. I know everything is good - I can run various AT commands and it talks to the radio just fine.

I have read this document: ( and this one (

Once again I don't get any errors during any setup or configuration. The Leonardo is connected to a usb port on the Mac. No errors during sketch upload.

So once again my issue is when the router is sending serial data to the Coordinator I get nothing in the terminal on X-CTU. I actually never see the TX light on the shield.

Any help would be most appreciated.


On the Leonardo, pins 0 and 1 are NOT connected to the Serial instance. They are connected to the Serial1 instance. The XBee shield is connected to pins 0 and 1, so you should be using Serial1 to talk to the XBee and Serial to talk to the PC (via the USB cable).


Thank you sir!! That was the problem.