Arduino Library Button error


I’m on a project that need buttons.
I’m working with Arduino 1.5.6r2 in Eclipse with the last nightly arduino pugin for Eclipse.

I’ve tried to use “C++ library for Arduino 0018+, by Carlyn Maw”, but when compiling, I’m having an error : undefined reference to `Button::Button(int, bool)’

As you can see in the attached file, the button.h is already included in my project.

Here is a part of my code :

#include "Project.h"
#include "Button.h"

Button BPSelect = Button(2, 0);
Button BPValid = Button(3, 0);

The error attempt on the last 2 lines of this part of code…

Anyone can help ?


The message is not a compiler error message. It is a linker error message. It means that the linker can't find the Button constructor in the Button.obj file (or can't find the Button.obj file).

I'm working with Arduino 1.5.6r2 in Eclipse