Arduino library creating?

Hi friends,
I want to make my own library function for example multiplication, how should i create a library in which compiler should i use to make library. Please anybody knows the links to follow how to create a library and deploy it in arduino library. I want to make my own library function.Help me..


Did you try Google?

Thanks larry
Should i write this .cpp and .h in arduino IDE or other compiler. I written in arduino IDE it is taking extension as mul.cpp.ino and mul.h.ino.

You need to use an editor other than the IDE. On Windows I use Notepad++ but other editors are available.

Now i created mul.cpp and mul.h in turbo c++ and i included this two file in one folder and i did .zip file now it getting an error while uploading this zip file,we should have only .cpp and .h file write.

You should have a folder in the libraries folder in your sketches directory and in that folder you should have a .cpp and a .h file. The folder name and the filenames should match exactly. There is no need to zip the files, you can copy them into place manually but stop/start the IDE after installing them.

What exactly are the files and the folder called and where are they located ?