Arduino library directory

I want to use DropBox to keep my Arduino libraries in sync across my computers. How do I define the path to the library folder for the Arduino IDE/compiler?

If you want your sketchbook one place and the libraries folder another, I'm pretty sure you'll need to download the arduino source, change it, and recompile it. I'm no expert in the source code (this is the first time I've looked at it), but it looks like you'll need to change line 1571 in

The obvious alternative is to just make your sketch book directory in the dropbox folder (change it with file->preferences)

in linux arduino is in


your sketchbook is in


though having arduino in /usr/share/ makes life a PITA since its not normally a part of your user account so you have to assign permissions or use su/sudo to mess with it

either way its a royal pain in the ass ... though users are too stupid and things like folding code blocks would confuse them

its open source, deal with it, exploit it, make it your own ... choice is yours, though none are really the best choice


I know how to change the sketchbook location, but I want to change the libraries location. I have no experience in compiling such things as the Arduino IDE.