Arduino Library for HT1632C

I’ve been using Arduino libraries designed to interface with Holtek HT1632c that drive 32x8 led matrixes and in my attempts have been successful in using them. Now I would like to have two matrixes that I would like to cascade in a 32x16 matrix.

The goal is to be able to light an individual LED anywhere on the board with a single x & y reference. So whether it is (0,0) or (15,31) the library can determine which board it needs to light up without me having to add in a piece of code that differentiates which board it uses.

From my understanding of the data sheet I’ve to enable one as a master and the other as a slave. Trouble is that if I do (I think I’ve done this correctly) then both the led matrixes fail to work. There is no issue with the hardware setup as the sketch will work if I was writing to each individual at the same time.

Here is an edit of an existing library I intend to develop into my own personal library, if someone could provide a bit of guidance in where I’m going wrong in the way I’m setting up each chip that’d be great.

ht1632cv120.pdf (216 KB)

HT1632_Test.ino (171 Bytes)

HT1632.cpp (4.35 KB)

HT1632.h (3.67 KB)