Arduino Library for Processing and Motors

I am spinning motors on a chassis according to arrow key inputs and decided that the easiest way to do this was with the arduino library for processing (Arduino Playground - Processing). I have found that Processing is sending commands over the serial bus, but then the Arduino is not doing anything with the commands except telling me that is has received it (RX lights up with arrow pressing code). I have made sure that everything is hooked up correctly and have had others check the wiring. Firmata is downloaded on the arduino uno. I know that this is not a Processing forum, but can someone tell me what I am doing wrong that the motors will not spin. If it helps at all, the basic way that I have set up the code is below. If motors can actually start spinning, I have other code that will execute this with arrow key inputs

import processing.serial.*;
    import cc.arduino.*;
    Serial port;
    Arduino arduino;
    int driveMotorPWM1 = 11; //1st drive motor PWM for driver board
    int driveMotorDir1 = 13; //Dir = Direction
    int driveMotorPWM2 = 10;
    int driveMotorDir2 = 8;
void setup() { //Prepare screen and init Arduino connection
      println("Initializing connection...");
      println("Available serial ports:");
      println("Attempting to connect to microcontroller on port COM3...");
      arduino = new Arduino(this, "COM3", 9600);
      println("Port connection opened...");
      arduino.pinMode(driveMotorPWM2, Arduino.OUTPUT);
      arduino.pinMode(driveMotorDir2, Arduino.OUTPUT);
      arduino.pinMode(driveMotorPWM2, Arduino.OUTPUT);
      arduino.pinMode(driveMotorDir2, Arduino.OUTPUT);
      println("Arduino pins set. Initialization complete.");

void draw() {
   arduino.digitalWrite(driveMotorDir2, Arduino.HIGH);
   arduino.analogWrite(driveMotorPWM2, 255);