Arduino lilipad

Hello everyone I'm a electrical engineer student and for my final year project i wanna do an arduino lilipad project,i'm thinking of making a t-shirt that can show heart pulses,blood pressure,oxygen levels in blood,i'm not sure which of them are possible,but i guess that's what i kinda ask here :P i would also like to hear your ideas if you'd be so kind as to help out a bit with the ideas,i would like to make it to keep a log of all the calculations it does

Thank you very much for your time

Pulse rate might be reasonable, but blood pressure requires a sleeve to apply pressure, and blood oxygen usually requires a sensor attached to a finger. Both are possible, but not really practical.

Thank you for your reply dxw00d So just to be sure,both can be connected to the lilipad right?(I'm not too confortable yet working with microcontrollers as it was an optional subject for this year and it's still early to be too sure about these things)