Arduino Lilypad not responding

Hey, I'm using a lilypad and it no longer responds to any sketch uploads from Arduino. I think the underlying problem is that when it is plugged in via USB, the green LED on the board is no longer constantly flashing, even though I have reset the board many times. The LED does flash when first plugged in, while uploading and when the reset button is pressed though.

Any wild guesses what could be wrong with it?

Are the sketches you are uploading to it supposed to be flashing the pin13 LED, then?

Well I was playing around with the example sketches to get an idea of how the code works, and it stopped uploading consistently. So from then on, I've just been testing it by uploading the 'blink' sketch seeing as that's the most basic sketch and doesn't require anything besides the lilypad and breakout board.

When first given power through USB the pin13 LED flashes for a couple of seconds and then just stops, and then flashes once every 26 seconds exactly. I assume this means it's not blown?