Arduino + linear potentiometer = magic smoke

Alright, I got some new electronics today. I was messing with a potentiometer, and I guess i hooked it up incorrectly. Some smoke came up around the potentiometer, and now the Arduino's lights won't come on. Any idea what blew? I have the pot hooked up to the 5v, GND, and I was reading into one of the pins. And I just bought this Arduino too :(.


Ah, it might help to mention the board. It's an Arduino Duemilanove 328.

Okay new update. Arduino was connected to USB to my computer dock. Turns out I blew up the USB port on my dock :(. Arduino still works, but nothing connected to that USB works anymore.

You have connected your potentiometer may be the center pin to Grd so when you turn the pot it resistance too low therefore smoke came up around the potentiometer. I thought the Arduino Duemilanove has a resettable polyfuse that protects your computer's USB ports from shorts and overcurrent. Why it not working? :o

Yeah I'm not entirely sure.

Here's what I did....

5v gnd


What is the correct way?

But, the Arduino works now! Just I blew up my USB port.

That diagram doesn't show what you did in enough detail to say, but the other explanation sounds right.

The problem with a poly fuse is that it takes time to blow, in that time other stuff can burn out.

You almost certainly had a short of some sort by misidentifying the wiper of your pot.