Arduino Linux / Network Shield upload - My solution

Hi, this is my first message here and I'm very new on Arduino, I receive all my component last week so I hope that is the right section for this post.

I'm using Archlinux 3.0.2-1 and since the begin I had problem to Verify and to upload sketch, I tried patch same file how I read around here and something goes better but I didn't like the patch solution so I tried to downgrade avr-gcc without success so I tried the svn version (4.7.0 20110817 (experimental) (GCC)) and after that everything compile fine.

The upload problem whit the Ethernet Shield plugged that cause corrupted web page, in my case, was due to the low usb power whit the shield plugged, so I solved connecting a 500ma 9V power supply all the time to Arduino.

I hope that my English was comprensible and that this post could be useful to someone.

Bye, Carlo.