Arduino & littleBits Temperature Sensor??

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My students have created a design using littleBits. The design has two pieces. The first is a littleBits temperature sensor that has been set to sense a threshold higher than 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This piece has a wireless transmitter that sends a signal to the second piece of their design. The second piece is an “armband” that recognizes when the threshold reaches a temperature higher than 85 degrees. Once this signal is sent, the armband activates the vibration sensor.

The purpose of this design is to model a smoke detector or temperature sensor that would signal an armband to vibrate when a fire-related emergency is detected. The intended use of this device would be for individuals with disabilities including hearing impairments, sound sensitivity, etc.

My students have a new goal in mind. They would like to have a model that is more life-like than their current design. They are looking to incorporate a temperature sensor that reaches much higher temperatures that the littleBits is capable of. They are looking to reach temperatures between 135 - 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

Any guidance on how we may be able to incorporate an Arduino into this project would be greatly appreciated. I am new to Arduino and my students and I are working at a beginner level.

**Attached is a video of their current design in action.

Thank you!!

Heather W.
Cove Road School

Safety Sensor- Temperature Sensor & Vibrating (822 KB)

I think that is really good, and your students are to be congratulated. I don't know anything about LittleBits, or how Arduino can be incorprated, but I suspect it would be better to start over with it. Note that Arduino is also a development system and so is not necessarily more "lifelike". A popular temperature sensor with Arduino is the DS18B20, which is good for 125C. It might be persuaded to work with LittleBits.