Arduino + logger + 48 sensors (analog) + WIFI to read SD card


I have a Arduino Uno and the Ardufruit SD logger shield with built in RTC ( The system works very well and records the data perfectly for my needs and I'm very happy with this setup. However, i'd like to add more analog sensors (48 in total) which go beyond the Unos ability. Also i find it inconvenient to manipulate the data on the SD card by taking it out and inserting it into a computer.

I have been looking at the Mux Shield II which seems perfect for my analog sensor needs (48 sensors in total on a single Uno). However, my question is if the logger shield can successfully record all the sensors using this shield (to be honest, it is not clear how the Mux code reads 48 sensors and displays the individual data in the serial display). At present i have the logger working every 2 seconds and it produces 4 columns of data for my 4 sensors. I'd like to produce 48 column as stored on the onboard card.

The other question, how can i read the SD card remotely? I guess by using a WIFI shield that connects to a computer. Ideally, i'd like to be able to access this remotely (the system is installed outside).

Any guidance for this project would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance....