Arduino logistics project (help with choosing parts)

Hey Arduino community, I have a beginner question to ask.

I have sensor type of project on my mind that would entail putting a GPS Arduino sensor on four trucks that drive around a certain area to check how long they are on a standstill and how long they are driving to the destination, so to speak to see the production cycle.

Could you please advise which Arduino products should I buy to gather such data with times?
In the end I would like to export the data to excel where there would be

  1. Truck 1 being loaded (standstill)
  2. Going to unloading area (time spent on the road)
  3. Being unloaded (standstill)
  4. Truck 1 going back to loading area (time spent on the road)

So basically to get the GPS and Timing data for these operations and be able to export it to excel real time so I can create a Power BI dashboard that would give me real time data.

Here is the picture I just drew of the project

Just buy GPS loggers. If you really want to brew it, you should include an SD card module.

So basically what you want is a digital tachograph. Or do you also want to log the actual route they took?

Both, because their route almost every time is unique, from this I could determine the seasonal patterns of the most sold products)

I was thinking that there could be other issues, for example to specify time when the standstill actually counts as a standstill, because sometimes lorry drivers stop and start talking to each other for like 30 seconds and sometimes they are waiting on internal traffic to move.

It would be nice to do this for one car as a test if it works, and if it is actually possible that it instantly sends the data to an .xls sheet and updates it.