Arduino loses power with servo (Solved)

I have bought the Arduino Starter Kit, and I'm trying to make Project 05, Mood Cue, but when I connect the Arduino (With the Breadboard and everthing) to my computer, it just loses all power and does not register as Connected. The power LED does not light up, but when I disconect the breadboard, it lights up as normal and I can upload the program. I have searched a little bit and couldn't find anything like my problem. Is my Servo Broken have I just connected it wrong?

(Power connected)
PS: I am kinda new to arduino.

The power buses on the breadboard are labeled + and -, but you have it connected backwards (5V to blue or -, ground to red or +) making the wiring harder to follow.

The servo is connected backwards, too.

And one or both of those electrolytic capacitors is connected backwards. The side marked with the - sign goes to ground.

Connect red to + and black to - and that should help. Having the servo connected backwards can pull a lot of current and overload the Uno 5V regulator. Hope the servo is not damaged.

A servo can draw significant current, even when working right. You may get away with running one unloaded servo from the Uno 5V, but not much more. You will need an external supply, for the servos, that is capable of supplying the required current if they will be doing anything useful.

Omg thank you!! I don’t know how I could have missed that!! Thanks for the help.

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