Arduino loses serial port communication when connecting I2C device to I2C bus

I am working on a project for work and I am using the Arduino Uno as the main controller. I have multiple devices connected on the I2C bus, and I am sending data obtained from the devices to a computer via serial communication. However, whenever I add a new device to the bus while the Arduino is powered on, I lose communication with the serial port and I have to power cycle the Arduino. I would like to be able to remove and add devices to the bus without having to turn off the Arduino. Should I be able to add devices with the Arduino is powered on, or is it normal for the Arduino to have to be power cycled?



The (original) I2C bus is not ment to connect and disconnect devices. But it can done, and I do that often (but only during developing).

Can you tell more ?

Do you connect both the power and the I2C device at the same time ? Perhaps the I2C device has a capacitor, which causes a voltage dip for the Uno. The Wire library is 'blocking' in some situations. When the I2C bus is very busy, connecting a new device could temporarely pull the I2C signals low, causing the Uno to stop working. How to you power the Uno, with weak usb power ? Perhaps you could try a power supply.