Arduino low consumption

Hello everyone! I have made a project with arduino UNO but it consumes a lot of current(arround 10mA) and it needs a giant battery to run for around 2 months begfore battery ends.I want to reduce power consumption at least to 1mA(ideally i want 0.5mA) so it can run about 6 months with a normal battery.It draws 10mA when it's in sleep mode and without the power on LED(I burned it).I have read lots of articles about low consumption and i see that they achieve consumption even below 1mA. The lowest point I have reach is 3mA with an arduino NANO(I removed the LED again) but with a test-code and not the code i want to use.I tried that just to see the lowest "point".The test-code I ran to succed this consumption is here:

#include "LowPower.h"

void setup()

    LowPower.powerDown(SLEEP_FOREVER, ADC_OFF, BOD_OFF); 


void loop()

I think that with this simple code i should have lower consumption than 3mA.Or am I wrong? Can I achieve less mAmps than this? I need less mAmps during sleep because in my project the arduino wakes up only for 2 minutes pes day.

I also have to say that with the right code in the Nano i had also around 10mA.I can give you the code I use for the project but i don't think that's the problem(at least for now) since even with the code I wrote before I have a lots of mAmps consumed.


You should make your own board. The following link can help you. You can use matrix board PCB to use it into your project. You should know that with the 328p-pu IC you should burn the bootloader into your IC. If you do all the things properly, your own board will consume only 0.1 micro amp.

There's some good information here:

Thanks for the answers

I made my own minimized "Arduino Uno" board". Consumption is about 0,128mA in sleep mode. I can give you the EAGLE schematics and board layout if you want (or send you a the PCB I made for it).


Thank you but i found a solution.After removing the voltage regulator the current fell to 60μΑ in sleep mode in the Arduino Nano.