Arduino low power project

Hello, I am working on my project, where I need my arduino pro mini last very long on batteries. I have got powerbanks, I thought it is best source of energy for my arduino. But the powerbanks just turn off after one minute of powering arduino. So I thought i could buy step-up converter, that can convert 0,9 - 5 v to 5v. I could power the arduino with only one AA battery. Now I am worried, that the converter will consume the most of the energy.

Can anybody recommend me sollution please?

Do the power banks turn off because they see too little current drain?
You can add a transistor and resistor and turn it briefly every 30 or 45 seconds, just long enough to keep the power bank turned on.

Thanks. Fixed the powerbank problem with LED diode, that activates for 0,5 s once every 8 second.

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