Arduino + M-Link


I try to interface Arduino Nano with a brand Vsensor Multiplex, but I can not have good Results.

So I wante to know if there is ".h" for this kind of bus and if someone worked with this kind of bus help me THANKS

PS: Sorry for my english.

Please provide a link to the device you want to interface to.

thanks for your relpay,

I use Multiplex Vsenor
here is the link:[action]=show&tx_lwshopitems_pi1[controller]=Product&cHash=778530a2cb18213da6b9c19edad4c5f4

So, it is a Multiplex RC voltage monitor that you want to use. It is extremely unlikely that you will find a library to use it with the Arduino unless it uses a standard method of outputting its data such as SPI. The page that you linked to has no details about the protocol used to communicate with the RC receiver.

Where exactly does the Arduino come into it for your intended use ? Do you want to use the sensor as a standalone device or in conjunction with an RC receiver ? Either way I am afraid that I can probably be of little help but it would be interesting to know what you are trying to do.

In fact im using it with an RC receiver to read data that is on the m-link (Vsensor is connected to a GPS).