Arduino M0 + ethernet shield 2

I try unsuccessfully to run an Arduino M0 and an Ethernet shield 2. My first goal was to use the Arduino "webserver" found in the examples found in the IDE software under the Ethernet2 library.
I uploaded the sketch on the board, reset both boards (M0 and shield), but I can not open the page in the browser. It can not find it although I 'm abble to ping this Ip Please note that I put a static Ip adress and that my shield is connected through a switch to my computer. I tested the Arduino M0 allone with the blink sketch to be sure that it works, and I've got no error by compiling the sketch. I restarted the board many time, switched off the firewall, try on a second computer, I also made a ipconfig /flusdns, the but till now I didn't manage to open this page.
If someone have got a good Idea....

After searching allmost all the week end (thanks to the bas weather :)), I couldn't manage to make the simple soft Webserver work with the M0 + Shield 2.
I start to thing that those both boards might be not compatible each other.
Either the M0 is too old, or the Shield 2 too young...
So I want to change one or both boards.
I was going to buy an Arduino "Due" and an Ethernet shield based on the W5100 chip (unlike the shield 2 wich is based on the w5500).
In this configuration, I ll be abble to test M0 + W5100 or Due + W5500 or Due + W5100 and hopefully find one combinaison wich work...
I found a "Smraza Ethernet Shield W5100 " and "Kuman K7 Due Sam3x8e", does anybody has some expience with these boards?