Arduino M0 Pro Dead

I was working on a project last night with an Arduino M0 Pro. I think I shorted the 5v to gnd and fried the board while trying to get the Adafruit V2 motor shield wired up.

I cannot seem to locate any documentation for the board showing a layout so I can locate the voltage regulator so I can try and change it. The Arduino website on the documentation tab keeps forwarding me to a site that does not have the eagle files.

Does anyone have any idea on how I can go about figuring out what I fried on my board and if I can save it?

I may have posted in the wrong section so I apologize for that.

Find attached…
I hope its what you are after

Tom… :slight_smile: (67.3 KB)

arduino-M0-schematic.pdf (81.4 KB)

Thank you