Arduino M0 + T&H Sensor HYT 939


I want to use the HYT 939 for Temperature & Humity in a project with a Arduino M0.

I use this script, exactly for this sensor.

I changed the code for M0 ( SerialUSB ), put the Sensor on 3,3V, GND, SDA and SCL and....

get a response on seriell monitor. T & H was reading continusly and looks ok for the first moment ( 24,17 °C / 34,78 % rF )

But - all the values are the same all the time, thy dont changed over the time! Arg!

I activate the raw Data reading in the code to get the naked sensor data - ok, they also dont changed, so, maybe, its a communication or I²C problem ? I dont know, any idea ?.....