Arduino Mac USB Serial Driver Problems

Hello All,

I am coming from the 3D printing world and I am trying to upgrade the firmware of one of my printers. I'm working on a Mac and the printer is the Anet A8. It has some form or another of an arduino board. I can't tell if it's a clone or the real deal. Either way, like i said, i'm trying to update the firmware using the Arduino IDE and I can't get the serial port I need to show up under tools to be able to send this update to my printer. I gone through several websites, watched several videos, and installed several drivers to no avail. Please help if you have any ideas that could solve my problem.


Identify the serial chip on the arduino board - it's the black chip near the USB port. Should be either 16u2, ch340g, cp2102, or ft232

16u2 and ft232 drivers come with the ide, but the other two need you to download drivers. Ch340g drivers are sensitive to version of mac OS (the old ones crash when you plug in the adapter on newer OS versions)