Arduino Macro Rail

Hey there.
I stuck at my Macro Rail Project...
I have no knowledge about coding and just want to get my rail working.
i found a code that does exactly what I want, but they`re using another motor driver and im unable to get it working for mine.

The Code: 23_Focus-stacking-system-for-gametophyte-ferns/arduino.c at master · Biomaker/23_Focus-stacking-system-for-gametophyte-ferns · GitHub
My Motor and Driver:

@dravida, your topic has been moved to a more suitable location on the forum.

Please know that the easier You make it for helpers to read information the more helpers will read and reply.
You just took the easy way for You to post the question.
The link to the driver is not helper friendly at all so I step aside, move to other questions here. Please post a readable document here.

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