Arduino Magic Morse with Nokia 84x84 display (Minty Magic Morse)

I recently published the 2x16 LCD version of Arduino Magic Morse:

The Nokia 5110 3.3V display version is published below. The circuit connections are:

Nokia 5110 Graphic LCD Pinout:
_______ Mini Pro____   _______ Nokia GLCD___      _____ test board cabling ___
#define PIN_SCE   7    LCD CE ....  Pin 2          Yellow
#define PIN_RESET 6    LCD RST .... Pin 1          Blue
#define PIN_DC    5    LCD Dat/Com. Pin 3  (DC)    Orange
#define PIN_SDIN  4    LCD SPIDat . Pin 4  (DIN)   White
#define PIN_SCLK  3    LCD SPIClk . Pin 5          Brown

//                     LCD Gnd .... Pin 2          Black
//                     LCD Vcc .... Pin 8          Red 3.3V
//                     LCD Vled ... Pin 7          Green (100 Ohms to Gnd)

This implementation is intended to use a 3.3V Mini-Pro and the Nokia 5110 or equiv. Any other configuration must deal with voltage-level shifting.

Ray (9.59 KB)

Just the Fritzing pix. I modified the Nokia LCD component to match the pinout of the unit I got from Hong Kong ( vs the SparkFun breakout: see ZIP. If you use the Sparkfun or Adafruit breakout boards, adjust accordingly.

The 328P-PU has the fuses set for 8MHz to use the internal RC oscillator.

  • hfuse:w:0xDA:m
  • lfuse:w:0xE2:m
  • lfuse:w:0xE2:m

The entire circuit is powered from 3.3V … well, 2 AA batteries. After everything is constructed, the contrast variable for the Nokia LCD may require tweaking since each display seem to be a little different in this regard.

  • Ray (495 KB)