Arduino mailing lists

We've created some Arduino mailing lists (intended to complement, not replace, these forums):

There's one for developers (which means anyone interested in following and contributing to the development of the Arduino project), one for the whole Arduino community (though I'm not quite sure what we'll use it for), and a bunch for specific cities: Barcelona, London, Madrid, Milano, Malmö, and New York (for people to organize meetups, announce exhibits, etc.).

To request a mailing list for your city or for other suggestions, reply to this post.

How about a San Francisco / Bay Area list?

Will the list and the forum be synchronized or crossposted?

And is the mailing list archived?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Okay, the San Francisco mailing list is set up:

Sorry it took so long, we had some problems with our web host.

The forums and mailing lists aren't planned to be cross-posted at the moment, since they serve mostly different purposes: general discussion vs. local events. The mailing lists are all publicly archived though.

Hi, I like the mailing lists. Can we get a link to them off of the arduino home page?


if you look at the bottom of the homepage there is a section called community this has a link to all the mailing lists


what about belgium/netherland mailing list? afaik there are also a lot of people using this stuff.

Sounds good. Should there be one for each country? A few for specific cities? What should they be called?

i`m not sure if it makes sense for specific towns/regions. lets "merge" them together if there is a demand and people are willing to get in contact.

Sure. What should I call it/them?

i´m neither from netherlands nor from belgium, but actually i´m working in NL. so, if no one is upset by naming it benelux, then you probably name it like that.

Okay, here it is:


I'd like a Berlin mailing list- I hope I'm not the only one :-?


Just added a Budapest list:


So of the users of the Benelux mailing list are using gmail. We have experienced that we always have to rewrite the 'To' field to benelux at arduino dot cc or else a reply will be send only to the originator of the mail you reply to and not the the members of the list.

Do you know if there is a setting in the mailing list that can take care of this?

Thanks in advance!


In gmail, if you click on "reply to all" instead of "reply", the response should go to everyone on the list, I believe.

Ok, but since the sender's name is also in the list of people you reply, does he get the same message 2 times?

I don't think so. I believe either the mailing list software or gmail is smart enough to prevent duplicates.

seems everyone will end up having its own mailing list, :)

not so much traffic in the official english ml so far...

i wont call for a colombian mailing list..makes little sense to me to split the thing so much..