arduino Makefile and Geany as IDE

Hello everyone! I have write little instruction how to write for arduino without arduino ide Original Makefile was here but it was improved 1) corrected building path, to store all obj files in one subdirectory. 2) compile direct from pde file, instead generate cpp wrapper, so compiler say correct line number for error in source code (useful in Geany). 3) added little program to initialise arduino bootloader 4) added option to generate new project, simple copy make file into new directory, and run "make newproject"

more info and example project available there Example also show how to use C headers in arduino project.

Hope it will be useful for someone. Please correct me if some phrases not understandably. :blush:

Sorry i cannot attach Makefile here, due to forum limit (9500 chars)

There is concern that the second link leads to malicious content. As far as I can tell the content is exactly what @linvinus described … a makefile for Arduino development. The security warning is because @linvinus is using an SSL certificate that is not signed; he’s using a certificate he created himself.

As a courtesy, I’ve attached his download to this post.

With all internet content you should use caution. In other words, there are no guarantees from the management whatsoever.

arduino_wo_ide_example.tar.gz (78.4 KB)


please post http and not https links unless you have a proper certificate on the ssl connection…