Arduino Manager with Web Editor

Good evening, hope this is the right place to ask.

I am new to Arduino, bought me an Arduino Mega 2560, a led strip (WSXXXX), and some other sensors. I am using a MacBook Pro to use the Arduino IDE and push code to the Arduino directly.

I came across Arduino Manager for Linux, having a RPI laying around I installed it on it, got the service running and it now shows on the Arduino Create website.

My issue is that I am unable to connect to it or can not find the documentation on how to configure the client (Macbook with Arduino Create Agent) and specify boards and port on the RPI.

The RPI is connected by USB directly to the Arduino. The RPI is accessible through SSH and VNC, I am making a smart mirror from scratch but I am having a hard time getting the Macbook to push code to the RPI.

Any help would be appreciated.

There are a couple of mentions for setting up a Pi with CREATE but you would be better using the search function (upper right) to find them as it is not my specialty.
IIRC it may involve building / compiling CREATE for the Pi.

I little confused about the way you mention things.

Mac to Mega using CREATE works fine ?
Mac to Pi doesn't (expected as Pi is not on the boards list)

@ballscrewbob, Arduino Manager for Linux is about this:

A more recent discussion:

This is not about running Arduino Create on a Raspberry Pi. This is about using a Raspberry Pi like an Arduino board, programmed from Arduino Create on @corando98's macbook.

Thanks for the reminders Per.