Arduino "Mango" LCD no luck at all


I just bought my arduino. It came with a LCD shield that I need for a project I am trying to build, but the problem is I have never used one of these boards.

I found out that I need code to make the shield work, so I downloaded, some LCD code, the zip come with three folders: "keypad_1602for_1.0", "LCD1602for_023", and "Ultrasonicfor_1.0". I've tried everything but either my display still doesn't show a word, or when I try to load de code, I get multiple kind of errors.

I know I have the right port and the right model selected. I just don't know how to proceed from here.

It looks exactly like this one:

But instead of Dr Robot says Mango...

Well post the code and the errors then.

Go and read the instructions, then mark up the code in the posting as such so we can examine it conveniently and accurately.

If you do not do this, the code you post could well be garbled and anything but easy to read.

Note: Also mark up any data in the same way. This includes error output that you get from the IDE.

And - before you post code, use "Auto Format" in the Tools menu to properly present the code.

Ok, this is embarassing. The contrast dial was so high I didn't get any variation by spinning it. I was bored and started turning and finally got the letters. No it only shows: "Dis_CM: 0 cm"