Arduino+Maxbotic ultrasonic rangefinder.

OK, I just got my Arduino board as well as an ultrasonic rangefinder .

What considerations should I take into account when connecting the device to arduino? I come from the software world, so hardware is a bit alien to me. I think I’ve read that Arduino analog ins support up to 5 volts, and this device can go higher than that it seems. Do I need to take care of that before actually connecting both? Any tips/tricks to take into account?

Any help will be highly appreciated.

It sounds like you don’t have to worry about hurting the Arduino. In fact, you can probably just connect the sensors ground to ground on the Arduino, +5V to +5V, and AN to an analog input on the Arduino, and read the range using analogRead().

Thanks for the kind response. In general terms, when should I worry about “frying” my arduino? Is that even possible? I’ve seen examples of piezo sensors connected to arduino, and they put (if i recall correctly) a zener diode to avoid electrical overload (or something like that).

(Excuse my poor technical vocabulary, as I don’t really know anything but the basics about electronics)