arduino +maxuino+ servo controller?

thanks for this forum where, as a beginner, I find precious information.
Today, I have a project where I need to control nearly 10 servos.
I will certainly use firmata and maxuino on Max msp.
But I wonder how many servos my arduino will bear?
I heard about a servo controler, but what does it bring? a more accurate and responsive control?
thanks for your advices about the hardware setup that I'll need in order to control everything properly...

Today, I have a project where I need to control nearly 10 servos.

Something like 9.8?

Details for Arduino servo support can be found here: Servo - Arduino Reference

Older versions of firmata only supported two servos (on pins 9 and 10) although it looks like the latest version that is included with arduino 0018 does not restrict the number of servos.

I have not seen any firmata example code that uses more than two servos, perhaps someone here has played with the latest firmata using lots of servos can post or point to an example sketch?

Something like 9.8?

Sorry for my english, it's not my mother tongue .
I should have said "around 10 servos" instead of "nearly 10"...

@mem thanks for your answer and link.

Is there someone who used a servo controler?
Does it allow to supply power for all my servos at the same time?
Thanks for any example.

I do drive multiple servos.
I have an Arduino Mega, with a shield that I soldered in pins for a servo bank.

I used an external power source at 6v to power the servos. The ground is tied to the arduino ground.

Works well for me!

Here is my shield with a LOT of soldering done!

Here is how I power the servos. It has a switching voltage regulator from Dimension Engineering and a small circuit board switch that I ordered. I use a large LiPo battery to run this.

18 servos being cycled.

Good job, thanks for posting

have fun!

great! thanks for the pictures...
may I ask you what this installation was dealing with?
(I'm a bit curious)

It will be a hexapod. 6 legs with 3 servos per leg.
My brother and I decided to make these as an exercise in programming. He needed to come up to speed with C, and this was a fun way to go.
He and I have been arguing ever since! :smiley:
I think one particular edge condition should be handled one way, he thinks it should be done another way.
It is a blast!

arguing should bring solutions...