Arduino Meets Linux:The user's Guide to Arduino Yun Development - Free on Kindle

After six months of writing and 330+ pages of content, I've just published by book Arduino Meets Linux: The User's Guide to Arduino Yun Development.

It's currently free on Amazon Kindle.

Full book description:

The Yún is one of the most powerful and flexible hardware development boards in the Arduino range. It combines the ease-of-use of the Arduino platform, with the power of a 400 MHz Atheros AR9331 Wi-Fi system-on-chip (WiSOC) that runs Linux.

But if you are not experienced and confident in working with Linux-based operating systems, it may be difficult for you to use the Yún to its full potential.

Bob Hammell is the author of popular Arduino learning resources, such as Connecting Arduino: Programming and Networking with the Ethernet Shield. In this book, he guides you through all of the Arduino Yún’s features and explains how to make use of this unique board.

Using interesting and fun examples, in Arduino Meets Linux: The User’s Guide to Arduino Yún Development you can learn how to:

  • Connect your Arduino Yún to your network, using built-in support for Wi-Fi and Ethernet;
  • Work with OpenWrt-Yun Linux through the command line;
  • Use the Bridge Library to communicate and share data between both of the Yún's chips;
  • Write Python and shell scripts to automate tasks and use the power of the AR9331 in your Arduino projects;
  • Work with Temboo and third-party APIs to access popular web services;
  • Host your own websites and application programming interfaces (APIs) on the Yún;
  • Use USB devices, such as audio interfaces and gamepads from Microsoft Xbox 360® and Sony PlayStation® games consoles;
  • Build Arduino projects that act as a keyboard or mouse when you plug your Yún into a PC or Mac;
  • Add voice recognition and speech to your Arduino projects;
  • Download source code, view demo videos, and access extra projects from the book's companion website,;
  • And much, much more.

Whether you are an experienced Linux developer looking for specific details on using the Arduino Yún or a beginner who has never used Linux before, you can find all of the key information that you need in this book.

With the Arduino Yún, you can take your Arduino projects to the next level. This book shows you how.

I started writing this book after realizing that the current documentation out there for the Yun is severely lacking. Even with all of the new capabilities it introduces, there isn't one go-to source to get familiar with them all - especially for first time users.

The biggest addition that comes with the Yun is its AR9331 chip which runs its own Linux distribution. However, there are a lot of Arduino users out there who have only been programming inside the Arduino IDE and have zero experience working with a Linux environment. Without this knowhow its impossible to use the Yun to its full potential.

Arduino Meets Linux gives readers chapters on OpenWRT and Linux, as well as Python programming. The Bridge library is also covered in-depth to explain how the the 'Arduino side' and the 'Linux side' of the board communicate and share data. All of these concepts are new to the Arduino range and this guide helps put them together.

There are also seven unique projects included in the book, which showcase what can only be done with the Yun: Project 1 - Building a Web-based Temperature Monitor Project 2 - Controlling an LED Matrix through a Web API Project 3 - Making an MP3 Jukebox Project 4 - Hosting a USB Game Controller Project 5 - Making a USB Accelerometer Mouse Project 6 - Making a Translating Keyboard Project 7 - Controlling your Arduino Projects with Voice Commands

These projects hit on web hosting, USB interfacing, and API interactions. Use the links above to view the project pages which include source code, circuit diagrams, and demo videos.

Be sure to check out for more information, and get the book for free on Amazon.

Dear Hammel,

Congratulations for this book !!! I bought it recently and I'm liking very read it. I live in Brazil and it has been very difficult to find information about this powerful board that is the Arduino Yun. I'm working on some projects with the Arduino Yun since 2017 and I have found your book came at a great time. I'm still in the first chapter, but very excited to read it all.

I would like to know if you intend to write new editions of Arduino Meets Linux, including topics about the Arduino Yun Rev.2 and also know what happened to the book's website (, which is offline (I bought it in February 2018).

Congratulations once again for the excellent work !!! Arduino Meets Linux is the main and the best reference I had found about Arduino Yun. Thanks a lot, Hammell!!!