Arduino Mega 1280 and P10 RGB panel 16x32 trouble with display order


I will be brief because the site have problem and erase all my explanation.
I've a clone of arduino MEGA 1280 and Panel P10 RGB 16x32 smd3535 with HUB75
My supply is 5V 60A from Eb.y

I've try a tutorial from here RGB Panel Hookup Guide -

I wiring correctly and use the code from "PanelGFXdemo_16x32" and install libraries like they said.
I'm confused because something display but not correctly.
I begin with this kind of display, my goal is to scroll text on three panel. I meet some trouble.
I use clk on pin 11 like they said.

here a video :

Hope you can try to help me with that.
The French.