Arduino mega 1280 driver and connectivity prob!!!

Hi, I have an arduino mega 1280 that i got over ebay. the power led color is red not green. once i connect it to the pc power led lights up continuously and L led goes on blinking(red color). However problem is it once I connected the board it was not recognised by the OS. I run win 7 32 bit. After I downloaded latest driver for ftdi it shows in device manage a new com port. Wheni I disconnect he board it goes off. So i guess it is the com 16 port my mega is connected now. But in the device manager it is not shown as arduino mega 1280. Again in the arduino software i see only inf file for 2560 and uno but not 1280 board. where can i get one? any suggestion or comment on whatever i said so far? Thanks

I beleive you can just downlod arduino 17, and that includes the older 1280 driver. That's what I had to do

All arduino boards that use a FTDI USB serial converter chip (that is all arduino usb boards other then the Uno and mega2560) will not show what kind of board is assigned to that comm port. Any board using a FTDI will just be ID as a virtual comm port (called USB serial port on my windows XP).

There is nothing wrong with your installation of your mega1280 board.