Arduino Mega 2560 and Camera

Hey everyone, I am new to this Arduino business, but because my friends suggested it I am using the Arduino MEGA 2560 to interface with a C3088 camera module. I found the posts from Vincent about his success with the C3088 camera with the original Arduino MEGA that uses the 1280 microcontroller. I noticed he uses some special I2C code and was wondering if I could communicate to the camera sensor using the wire.h library. I tried using the functions in wire (beginTransmission, send, endTransmission) and it stops at endTransmission().

Does anyone else have some experience with using the wire library to communicate over I2C/TWI.

I was doing some more searching on this forum and found someone else with the exact same problem.,72567.15.html

He has the Arduino MEGA 2560 and it hangs up at Wire.endTransmission(). I guess if you were gonna suggest anything then just do it on his post so it can help us both. Thanks!