Arduino Mega 2560 and ESP12-F

Hello There!

I am using ESP12-F as a WiFi shield to Arduino. Only problem I am facing is, Arduino won’t connect to WiFi, until I pull the reset of ESP8266 low. Once the ESP is reset, everything works fine as expected. One of the solution I have in my mind is to connect ESP8266 rest pin to a digital pin of Arduino and pull low from setup. Is it a good idea? Will it work? or are there any better solutions?

Thanks in advance!

That's a good idea to plan for this, this way you control the reset when you want to use it and that will work.
Ensure chip enable is connected as well, that can also come handy.

BUT REMEMBER THOSE PINS NEED 3.3V max - you need a TTL signal adapter

Thank you!, I totally forgot about 3.3V. Will use a resistor divider.