Arduino Mega 2560 and ethernet sheild

Hello all... I am trying to make an Art-net node for controlling LED pixels I am curious if I got the correct Ethernet shield to attach to my Arduino Mega 2560 the Ethernet shield does not appear to be the correct size for the fits on but 2 of the pins are sticking out unattached... will this shield work this way or do i have the wrong one?

any help would be greatly appreciated

You may have a R3 shield with a pre-R3 Mega. It should work ok. The two pins on each side should stick out towards the usb port. Insure they don’t contact any parts on the Mega. If they do, bend them a bit so they don’t. The ICSP connector pins are the key. They must line up and insert fully into the shield socket.

I think it is a R3 Mega and a pre-R3 shield

Is the shield a w5100 shield, or or an ENC28J60?

Pictures! We need pictures. Top and bottom views.