Arduino Mega 2560 + Arduino Ethernet Shield

Hi all, I'm new on this forum and on Arduino concepts. I'm interested to buy Arduino Mega 2560 rev.3 (A000067) and Arduino Ethernet Shield(A000056) on RS site. I want to know if there could be problems of compatibility between them (exactly between A000067 and A000056), or I've just to plug ethernet shield onto Arduino Mega 2560 without problems. I don't have found more about this on internet. Thank's a lot!!


I can't see if it's for mega or due/ove. If a shield is for due/ove then there is a small change you have to do. Mega uses different pinout for SPI interface 50-53 i think, check here: So you may have to bend pins 10-13 SPI for nono-mega arduino's and connect them with wires to 50-53

i found also this