arduino mega 2560 as HID USB keybaord

Hey so I recently ordered an arduino mega 2560 and was wondering to what extent a DFU would allow me to use the mega as a HID USB keyboard , ( I basically just want the function , not bothered about the mouse). Ive been looking online but couldn't find anything thing that states explicitly the functionality i'd end up with , obviously my mega hasn't arrived yet so I can't test and wondered if anyone had done this ?

also wasn't sure if this was the right forum but i thought it's more of a programming question than anything else although it relates to hardware.



You can probably do it, but it will be a pain as then you can't use the bootloader to program it.

You are better off with a Leonardo if you just want to be able to emulate a keyboard and still reprogram it fairly easily.

If you want to, here is a link:

Another approach is to make up a "virtual USB" keyboard, as described here:

Thanks nick , looking at that I think i'm making things to complicated for myself, all I really want to do is trigger audio samples at different points of distance on a range finder. I would have preferred to use Logic pro hence the function but I have found a page online where someones used processing to play the samples which are triggered by serial info and it doesn't look too difficult, thanks though.