Arduino Mega 2560 Atmega16u2 not working

Hello everyone my arduino mega stopped working yesterday. Today when I pluged in my arduino, LED 13 does not blink. Currently I have the ArduinoISP Sketch uploaded. When I did the Loop-Back test there was not serial port detected. When I tried to put it in DFU mode by shorting the pins Windows did not detect it. The ON LED is turned on so that means there is power supplied too the board

Thank You in advance, 12458

could it be possible esd killed it?

If you have a second arduino and some jumper wires, why not using Nick's interactive hex uploader to see if the MEGA chip is still working?

Can I use a ftdi breakout to program it?

12458: Can I use a ftdi breakout to program it?

Maybe but I've not done it myself. Google for some tutorials. I thought you'remessing with ArduinoISP sketch so you must have more than one Arduino. I guessed wrong then.