Arduino Mega 2560 - broken?!

Hello everybody,

after a long time i decided to work again with my Arduino Mega 2560. But it doesn't react anymore. I will describe the problem:

  • if i connect the Arduino to my PC -> Power LED lights up --> All OK!
  • my computer detects the Arduino and the corresponding COM-port --> All OK!
  • with the Arduino IDE i can upload the Blink-Sketch. (the tx and rx leds blink), but the led on port 13 doesn't blink! --> I think that the sketch isn't starting.. Bootloader-Problem?!
  • I did the loop back test -> All works fine!
  • I used another Arduino (Uno) as ISP Programmer and reflashed the Bootloader of the Arduino Mega. No Error messages, but the Blink sketch doesn't run after all..

What can i do to figure out the problem of the Arduino Mega?

Please help!

Thanks :slight_smile:


If the upload gives you no error it's not a bootloader problem. Then the program is uploaded.

Have you tried something as simple as

  1. Use a external led (+resistor!)
  2. Try another pin

Thanks :confused: … I don’t know why i didn’t try this out before. Sorry!
Then it’s only port 13 that is broken.

Try it with pin 13 and an external resistor. I predict it will work.