arduino mega 2560 cannot upload code


I have several arduino mega 2560. To one of them, I cannot upload code. regardless the code.

It get stucked at "uploading" and after some time says "avrdude: stk500v2_getsync(): timeout communicating with programmer"

I can see it in the list of ports, but I cannot upload code. any suggestion to save it?

I had a similar issue with another Arduino board. If you are on Windows, you can try gong to device manager, selecting USB Serial Converter under the USB Controllers group. Right click this ands click on Update drivers. Then select the FTDI driver located in arduino folder (\arduino-1.0.5\drivers\FTDI USB Drivers) for your board and install it.

Also make sure to allow windows to use this in case it asks for permission.

Hope this helped,

I have no USB Serial Converter under the USB Controllers group or under any other group...