Arduino Mega 2560 Connection problem to PC

Dear community,

I am having some troubles with connecting my Arduino Mega 2560 to my laptop. It's one I got from school, and I think it is a fake Chinese copy.

Here's some info about my problem: - the 'Serial Ports' from the Arduino IDE's tools menu is greyed out; - In device manager, the Arduino Mega isn't under Ports(COM&LPT), but it's under 'other devices' and it's called 'Unknown device'; - I tried uninstalling the IDE entirely and reinstalling it, but it doesn't do anything. -I also have an original UNO, which works normally.

I first thought that it was just a broken copy, but I have my doubts. It has worked for 3 months and suddenly it doesn't.

I know that there are several older topics that address the same problem, however, those answers didn't solve my problem.

I hope someone knows the answer to my problem.

Kind regards,


Post a screenshot of the “Unknown Device”' Hardware ID in Device Manager.

The screenshot is in dutch, I hope that you’re able to understand it according to the positions of the menus.
As I said, The top one says ‘other devices’ and the deivce is called ‘unknown device’

I have also included the properties of the device. It says that the drivers aren;t installed, but I tried to install them (also manually) several times without any luck.

I hope that this helps

Hi there!

Could you look near the USB port for a small black chip. It may be a small square, or a wider rectangle. And see if there are any words/numbers/letters on the chip. My guess is that the device says something along the lines of “CH340G” and maybe some additional numbers.

Let me know.


Post Details > Properties > Hardware ID. The driver is linked to that ID.

Thanks for your reply!

I can't seem to find such code. On which one of the chips is it? is it the tiny one with the Atmel?

Here it is!

It is a ATmega16U2 (USB\VID_03EB&PID_2FEF / 03eb:2fef).

Download FLIP from Microship, FLIP for Windows (requires Java Runtime Environment) or more updated. You can extract the .exe with 7-zip. It contains the signed driver in usb directory.

That Worked! it's now not under other devices, but under 'serial ports' and it's called 'communicationport (com5)'

However, the serial ports under the tools menu from the IDE is still greyed out :/

Close IDE and open it again.

That didn't work sadly :\


still nothing :(

libusb-win32 has more updated drivers but I am not able to check if they are signed.

Yeah, I just noticed that it's now under libusb-win32 devices in device manager.

Try this

Wow! it worked! Thank you so much for your effort, I'm really happy with this. A lot of kudos to you, sir!

You are welcome, man!

Get a forum admin to change the name of the title to (SOLVED) Arduino Mega 2560 Connection problem to PC so that users don't need to check the posts to see if it's solved.

But anyway, congrats!