Arduino Mega 2560 DFU-Programmer

My Arduino usually worked so slow, then i tried to upgrade Atmega8u2 with the last firmware (at this time i didn’t know that my version already has this firmware) and finally i end up with my arduino on DFU mode all the time.
Later, i tried it again and Flip throws “Adress: out of range”
(on Windows 7 x64<-- may be this is the problem, i’ll try it in another pc and O.S. )
I don’t know how to fix it , if someone could help me.

Thanks. :wink:

(Sorry if my english is horrible, but is that i know )

Ok, i solve the problem , i was using the wrong hex file, the correct file was here :

arduino-1.0\hardware\arduino\firmwares\arduino-usbserial/your board.hex

hahaha, i'll sleep well tonight :D