Arduino Mega 2560+ESP8266 WIFI maximum current output

I have a question about the Mega2560 board with integrated esp8266. With a normal Mega 2560, the maximum current output when connected via an external power supply is approx. 800mA. So I would rather assume that with the board with integrated esp the limit is rather below 800mA. On the back of the board, however, it is specified as DC Out for 5V 1.6A. Is this a serious specification, as it seems relatively high to me.

Here is a link to the board, there you can also see the backside of the board:

Thank you very much for your help.

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Hi @alex102
Looking at the board on the indicated link I noticed that it has a section dedicated to power.
This differs from traditional boards and "may" be a special circuit for supplying more current.
But I cannot prove this assumption.

RV mineirin

That is based on the onboard switch mode converter capacity. There should be a schematic available but I did not find it. You can use it to power your external devices but I would suggest not using it for inductive loads unless they are clamped to protect your unit.

All right, thanks guys then I will try that out

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