Arduino MEGA 2560 for PLC Design

can I use Arduino MEGA 2560 for PLC Design? Is it possible to work properly if i design it? Please guide.

Two problems -

  1. The electrical interface is missing, then it is your responsibility to match the PLC electromagnetic interference and voltage specs with your substitute interface
  2. You become responsible for software reliability. PLC programming is normally simplified, to reduce errors. Any unknown software problem becomes a risk.

PLC based on Arduinos are available on the market already.


arduino plc

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Are there any human safety risks? If so, don't use an Arduino unless you are a consummate programmer.

Hello aarg
Please specify "consummate".

In this use, fully able to produce failsafe code, and maybe hardware. Keeping in mind that the original "work properly" can be stretched a lot.

Hello aarg
You are right.
Thus all depends on the specification of the user requirements. The client can specify everything as long as an assioated project budget has been correctly planed . But some requirements are essential.
Safety first for person, and system security is an important case too.
Have nice day and enjoy coding in C++.

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